On Tap Now



Light in color, but not in taste! Ale brewed with copious amounts of our favorite specialty malt: honey! Fuji apples are added and magically it becomes one of our favorite beers to throwback on a hot day.

Alc. 5.4%



Although it sounds like an after Thanksgiving meal.  This light, crisp, slightly tart ale was brewed with leftover grains, wheat, and cranberries to help give it great balance.

Alc. 3.9%


Deus Vult Dubbel

Delicious Belgian Dubbel with raisin notes and sweet, mysterious malt profile! One of our favorites to have with Mexican food! I know, right?

Alc. 8.8%


Belgian Golden Strong ale brewed with tangerines and elderflowers. Easy drinking and amazingly unique, this is a Sanctum specialty!

ABV 9.5%

Blackest Night

A Russian Imperial Stout made with cocoa nibs. This amazingly robust stout provides a perfect blend of stout, coffee roasted flavors and sweet chocolate.

ABV 9.5%

Up All Night

Our Russian Imperial Stout infused with Espresso Republic coffee. Smooth and rich, the coffee accents and rounds out the roasty, chocoloate flavors of the stout.

ABV 9.5%

Hamish the Red

This imperial red ale is brewed with turnips to give a smooth earthy flavor. The several hop additions are also designed to give tons of hop flavor with a smooth bitterness curve.

ABV 8% // IBUs 107

Omni Hop

Our Double IPA. OMNI is hopped with a 50/50 blend of Citra and an Experimental Lemon Zest hop. Focusing only on flavor and aroma, this IPA is bitter without punishment.

ABV 8.3% // IBUs 80

Sinistra SIPA

What happens when you take pilsner malts, add Citra and El Dorado Hops, and Belgian Yeast?  You get a light, crisp, bitter, complex, and altogether delicious Session IPA (SIPA)!

ABV 4.9%

Clever Name IPA

A delicious blend of El Dorado and Galaxy hops greets you in both the bouqet and flavor of this beer. Crisp hop bitterness on the finish.

ABV 6.3%


Our Spring Seasonal German Style sessionable ale, named after the style of beer. Its brewed with wheat, oats, honey, and molasses! It is incredibly easy to drink and quite complex!

ABV 5%


Barley Rose

This Belgian Strong Blonde Ale is brewed with distilled Rose water to add a floral sweetness which compliments the crisp, refreshing malt backbone in this ale.  

ABV 8.3%




Fell the Oak

Our Winter Seasonal Scotch Ale is oaked slightly to give the malty sweetness notes of vanilla.  On nitro, its smooth and satisfying.  Won't last much longer as Spring is here!


ABV 8.5%