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"Bravery" explained: 

Sanctum is dedicated to fearless brewing. The products we conceive are born of an innate desire to follow our (sometimes) crazy, innovative ideas to their end. Whether the inspiration for a beer comes from food, such as our California Roll'n sushi inspired ale; or the desire to combine ingredients in innovative ways to tease out amazing flavors, we are decidedly opposed to doing "safe" and "regular" beers. We view beer as the most amazing, flexible vehicle for innovation. We join the timeless tradition of brewing beer that represents not a tradition, but an expression of who we are.  This value is tied inexorably to our next value: "Brilliance," so scroll down to learn more! 


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"Brilliance" explained: 

Sanctum is dedicated to excellence in all we do. From customer service, to the products we make, we want to provide a standard of practice far above the expected. We believe that Bravery without Brilliance results in gimmicks. Therefore, even our craziest beer is produced with ingredients, not additives. We use nothing but premium malts, hops and ingredients, careful, scientific brewing practices, and rigid quality control. We believe that wild, crazy, foolhardy, unobtainable thoughts can be brought to fruition, so long as the end goal is something delicious and amazing! It is our hope that when faced with a Sanctum product, one may be continually surprised at both the quality and the innovation. 



"benevolence" explained: 

Sanctum wants to give back, so we do! We believe that a company should be a blessing to its community and the community's people. Whether giving of our wealth, time or resources, we are dedicated to being a positive force in our surrounding area. Because of this, our patrons support community programs, enrichment and charities simply by drinking beer! Isn't that a thought? 


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